Is Time Running Out! 
© 2011 By Don Korenko

  This material may be copied and distributed free of charge as long as the entire document is kept intact with no additions or deletions. It may not be sold in part or entirety or incorporated into any other work which is to be sold. The purpose of this material is to share the love of Jesus and His soon coming. His love is free, so should be His gospel.

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The inspiration for this book and many ideas expressed came from a sermon entitled:
“The Big Picture” by Ivor Myers.

     Is Time Running Out?
 1. Is The Bible For Real?
 2. War In Heaven
 3. God’s Blueprint For Salvation
 4. The Promised Messiah
 5. Why Is Prophecy So Confusing?
 6. Satan’s Attack On The Sanctuary
 7. The Sanctuary Restored
 8. The Beginning Of The End
 9. How Can I Understand The Book Of Revelation?
10. The Sealing
11. Earth’s Last Days
12. Is Salvation Free?
13. The Mark Of The Beast Or The Seal Of God
      Final Comments

I know that it is tempting to jump ahead to interesting lessons, but each lesson builds on
the one before it, so if you jump ahead, you will miss the foundation of how we got to the lesson.

We are working to get these lessons posted on this page.  In the mean time you can follow in order each lesson by going to www.IsTimeRunningOut.com.  Thank you for your patience.
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